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Transforming dreams into realities

About Us

Our Story

We assist busy professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners and high-performing individuals in navigating the game of business through a comprehensive, wholistic, free-dome-thinking approach. Our principals are professional business consultants, managers and highly, sought-after mentors and coaches ready to work with individuals, businesses, corporations and teams of all sizes. We differentiate ourselves by guiding success through positive outcomes and walking clients through actionable and measurable steps to achieve desired success. AMITIE SOLUTIONS focuses on creating partnerships which help you visualize, optimize and actualize strategic goals and objectives through a streamlined purpose and approach. When you work with us, you should expect a defined blueprint for achievement, transparency and consistency.

We are a proud member of the FreeDome League Network. 

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Capitalization Consulting

A Comprehensive Approach

We provide creative, proven pathways to advantageous business and personal capitalization -- helping to actualize your objectives.

Financial Intelligence

Knowledge Beyond Financial Literacy

At this point in your life, you may be financially literate. However, being financially literate is not financial intelligence. We show you the difference and how to apply it to transform your life and business.

Legacy Building

Fully Supported Success

Our clients' success is our number one priority. We show you how to build a powerful legacy from the ground up without taking shortcuts. A solid foundation built on the principles of privacy, structural integrity, clarity and repetition will catapult you to where you want to be multiplying your results. Book an introductory meeting today to learn more about how we can guide you to making your business and personal objectives a thriving reality.


What’s Being Said

As prominent Business Consultants and Analysts working in popular financial and technology domains, we know what it means to provide exceptional service and deliver outstanding results. Since 2004, we've helped clients transform their lives and businesses through our specialized consulting services. Amitie Solutions enjoys helping clients achieve the goals they seek. Read what a few members of our satisfied community have to say about the work we've done to transform their lives and contact us today.

The information and guidance Amitie Solutions provided was clear and easy to follow. In less than 90 days I was able to purchase my first income-producing property and had the knowledge to structure the best deal for myself. I'm overjoyed I went this route with this team!

K. Brown

Soon after my first meeting with my Amitie Solutions coach, I knew this was the right direction. Within 3 months, I was well-positioned to reach my goal and achieve success with limited risk exposure. I look forward to my next venture under their guidance.

I. Abanto

I was looking to (comfortably) transition from an unfulfilling career to running my own business. Amitie Solutions gave me the blueprint to catapult my professional objectives and skills and make an impact in areas that are important to me and my family.

K. Turman

Ann-Michelle always demonstrates substantial and thorough knowledge of any project we pursue. She is able to effectively communicate the process and steps to follow and in terms to benefit all participants. I recommend Amitie Solutions to anyone who is serious about achieving their professional, personal and financial goals.

U. Kelly

Interested in joining our community of satisfied clients? Contact us today.

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