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Updated: Jan 12, 2020

I can't tell you how many times I've shared a goal or a plan with someone and their first reaction or response is to tell me all the reasons I can't achieve it. It's often well-meaning family members or friends who try to head things off at the pass, based on their personal experiences. While this is often a deterrent for many, it is actually a huge motivator for me. I love it when someone tells me (well-meaning or not) that I "can't" or "shouldn't" do something. Give me 90 days and the next time you see me -- I'll have done it!

Women are taught to limit their dreams and aspirations. It's part of the cultural conditioning we hear from birth. We come here ready to explore and express, learn and achieve and then we run into barriers and ceilings as we move along in life. After bumping our heads and crowns in the ceilings or hitting walls, some of us temper our excitement and persistence. I get it! It's no fun hitting your head or bumping into walls. But, is something gnawing at you at night? Are you truly happy where you are and with what you are doing? Do you feel like there is more in this life for you to do or in your purpose? Sit with that awhile...

Over the next several blog entries, I look forward to sharing some of the information that gets me moving and has helped me re-member and discover who I am and to realize that the only limitations are those which I've chosen to accept.

When I wake up each morning, my morning rituals include my gratitude time and this affirmation:

You know you do!

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